Set Fire to the Rain

My Mom has always been my silent supporter.  5 years ago, when I was diagnosed with Brain cancer, she was there for me every single day.  Literally  accompanying me to daily treatments and doctors appointments and spending time with me everyday after she heard the news.  She was the live in Mom that provided normalcy during a trying time of uncertainty.

She is the one who is always there, always caring for everyone else… she is the one who doesn’t believe in the word impossible… she is the one who believed in me to set fire to the rain in my toughest time…  just as I believed in her during her recent health scare.  It was nice to be the one to provide support for her this time.

She is the first girl I ever loved, she taught me right from wrong, how to act everyday in a gentleman’s manner by holding doors and always saying please and thank you.  She has always inspired me to be better than my best.

An untested love may be taken for granted over time.  It’s in the times we need it most that remind us how lucky we are… and for me, how truly lucky I am to have her in my life.

I am so proud of you Mom, for your strength, your courage and now more than ever… your perseverance.

I Love You,


3 Replies to “Set Fire to the Rain”

  1. Tears in my eyes when reading this. She is an amazing woman. And you too are an amazing young man. The love of a mother is not to be taken for granted. I know how much you love her and respect her. Love you all – Amy

  2. oh eric it also brought tears to my eyes she is truly amazing just looking at that picture of the two of you dancing on your wedding day I am glad that she is doing well love you Lorraine

  3. She is an amazing woman, a second “mom” to me through the childhood years. The memories growing up at your house, with all of you will last a lifetime. I hope Tracy is doing well! Love all you guys!

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