Game Day

While it will become obvious within the first few lines of the blog post, I should clarify that this one is being written by Anna.


With that said, last Sunday was one of the best days of my life! If any of you know me, you know that I am a huge PHILADELPHIA EAGLES fan. And well, Eric, unfortunately for him…he is a New England Patriots fan. When the 2015 Football Season Schedule was posted and  we saw that the Eagles were going to be playing in New England, which is something that rarely happens as they are in different conferences, we knew we had to go. So, for Eric’s birthday, I bought him tickets….but in the end, I think the gift actually ended up being for me.

It worked out that we were able to sit 8 rows from the field behind the Eagle sideline. There is nothing like being so close to the action. Like many Eagle fans, we are passionate about our team. We will cheer, we will chant, we will sing, and we will even BOO when the Eagles are playing. Being on away turf didn’t change that. I wore my Eagle colors proud, even in foreign territory – and oh, it felt so good!

The game started and I was excited beyond words. Something about seeing the boys in Green on the field gets that excitement flowing through your blood – you feel like you are bleeding green 🙂

Wearing my colors loud and proud made it obvious that I wasn’t cheering for the home team. For the first few minutes of the game – it didn’t look good for the Eagles, down 14-0, it was starting to look like a blowout, and then it all changed! Eagles tied it up by half time and the momentum was on their side! By half time, my mouth had gotten me in a little bit of trouble when someone dared to bash the then 4-7 Eagles, so I may have had to throw around a little comment on deflated footballs…and that just fired the fans up even more. It didn’t matter though, because the Eagles were on top of their game, and well, Tom Brady and the Patriots were NOT!

Going into the game the Eagles were the underdog…by A LOT, and they won 35-28! WooHoo!

We all know what it is like for an underdog to win. It just feels so good for those that are rooting the underdog on, and being able to prove the doubters wrong.

When Eric was diagnosed with brain cancer, he was the underdog. On December 20th, it will mark Eric’s 4th anniversary of being diagnosed with grade 4 glioblastoma. At the time of his diagnosis, he was given a prognosis of 6-12 months. Now, 4 years later he is a survivor, and to many, including myself, he is also a winner. If Eric is what an underdog looks like, then I will root for him every time!

Cancer Canknot Stop an Eagles Wife & Patriot Husband from Enjoying GAME DAY!

PS. Fly Eagles Fly 🙂

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  1. That says it all! When all seems lost and hopless and at the end of the line, people need to realize that there is always a way to persist and overcome the greatest of obsticles . Eric and Anna thank you for the proof that it can be done with a positive outcome !
    P.S. Fly Eagles Fly!!!

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