A Tough Pill To Swallow

I was cleaning up a few things recently and came across something that immediately brought back a lot of memories.


A few short years ago, this was my life.  Pill bottle after pill bottle, day after day in order to help save my life.  I still remember taking the Temodar and almost instantly feeling sick to my stomach.  I had anti-seizure medication, narcotics for the pain after surgery and pills to help me sleep. I even had pills to help settle my stomach from all the pills I was taking.

The pills were bad, but the blood thinner may have been the worst.  It was a shot that I had to give myself everyday in the stomach, alternating sides as the scar tissue built up and made it hard to puncture the skin without resistance and a strong burning sensation.

This was my life for more than a year… a year that taught me a lot about myself and has made me a better person.

In the end, every pill and needle did its job… and it was worth every poke and tough pill to swallow.



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