Cancer Canknot Take Control

In my downtime, it is typical for me to browse popular news-based websites to catch up on recent stories for the day. Today was no different, as I finished my lunch I popped open the web browser and did a quick search on Yahoo. One of the first headlines to read was ‘Massachusetts Mom Beth O’Rouke Types Own Obituary Before Her Death. ‘ Purely based on the title, I was inspired to read more. Was the obituary the result of a cancer related death? It was.

As I read through the article and noted the heartfelt words she penned before she passed, I couldn’t help but feel emotional for her story. She was a wife and a mother to two young children. This was yet another life taken too soon from this disease known as cancer.

With our family having been touched by cancer, every time I hear a story of a person affected by the disease, whether it’s a story of a survivor or of someone who has passed on, I always walk away with some hope and inspiration. After reading this article, it was no different. In her obituary, Beth wrote, ‘Cancer loses grace and love wins,’ which is so inspiring .

In this story, it proves that Cancer Canknot take control. Beth was in charge of her life until the very end. And while I never met Beth, her story has made an impression on my life. My heart goes out to her and her family. Cancer Canknot.

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