Happy New Year!

Happy New Year, all! As we begin a new year, many people are devoted to making resolutions for the upcoming twelve months; and that is no different for our family and Cancer Canknot.

Last year was an exciting time for our family. Two projects that we devoted so much of our love and attention to, Bear Hugging and Cancer Crushing, as well as our jewelry line, Cancer Canknot, came to fruition. Also, on a personal level, we welcomed a second child in to our family – a beautiful baby girl, Erica Jane – named after her daddy, which just seemed fitting given Eric’s  heroic battle with cancer and his  devotion to our family.

Last year for New Year’s we resolved that we wanted to launch both the jewelry and book before the end of the year, to which we happily succeeded! Now that our work is out there, we are setting our New Year’s resolutions around bringing attention to our projects so we can help raise cancer awareness.

First, we want to inspire others with our story. We are making a resolution of putting ourselves “out there”, so that we can reach others also affected by this disease, and share that there can be positivity to this diagnosis.

Secondly, we want to strive in giving back to cancer research. When someone hears the book or references Cancer Canknot, we aspire to have our name known in being a funder in finding a cure for cancer.

Lastly, we resolve to achieve these New Year’s resolutions as a family. Through the diagnosis of cancer, we have found that friends and family are a big part in what gets your through, so it is important that family remains a top priority.

Thank you to all who have supported us and sent us kind words on what we are doing. Your love means a lot.

Cheers to a happy and HEALTHY New Year!


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